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Deep Tissue Massage 1 hr $95 | 90 min $135

Massage therapists perform deep tissue massage by concentrating on the deeper layers of the body’s soft tissue to release persistent pain and tension patterns. Slow and methodical strokes are applied to the top layers of affected areas in order to penetrate to deeper muscle layers and achieve lasting relief from chronic pain for our clients.

Swedish Massage 1hr $85 | 90min $135

Qualified massage therapists serving and the surrounding area, offer Swedish massage, (also known as relaxation massage) that incorporates several therapeutic techniques adapted to your individual needs. From light, to moderate or deep pressure, Swedish massage techniques can be targeted to provide a range of solutions that include recovery from injury, to relaxation and stress reduction.

Pre-natal Massage $95

A woman undergoes many physical changes during pregnancy that can lead to physical and emotional stress that can be effectively addressed with therapeutic massage. The weight of a growing baby places significant strain on the back, neck, shoulders, legs and abdominal muscles and many women also struggle with insomnia during pregnancy that only contributes to pregnancy related physical and emotional issues.

Cupping Therapy $40

Trained practitioners administer cupping therapy through the careful placement of heated cups on specific points of the body to ease pain, stimulate blood flow and eliminate toxins as part of a treatment plan that helps relieve a diverse range of conditions:

  • Help with Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Circulation
  • Relaxation

Hot Stone Massage Therapy $95

Hot Stone massage therapy treats physical ailments through the application of heat as a complement to various established massage techniques. licensed massage therapists incorporate and adapt methods by utilizing hot stones to expand blood vessels and improve the circulation of our clientele.

Personalized Massage Treatment Plans

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